6 Essential Items For Your Next Camping Trip


Can you believe it’s August already?! I have been spending most of my summer enjoying as much AC as I can, as I am such a wimp when it comes to heat! However, I do enjoy a good walk in the morning with my dog, and bringing my yoga mat outside since there is generally no chance for rain to destroy my zen! A summer pastime for me is camping, which I always loved in the summer and fall with my family and our dog! Although camping can be very different depending on where you’re from, it is a pretty big deal for many people, and we have lots of fun items to make your next camping trip even better! 
No matter where you are or what you’re doing, a hammock is always a great accessory to have! It’s a great way to relax with a book, take a nap, or just chill with some music or the sound of nature surrounding you! This hammock is outfitted with a loop-end top and is easy to hang almost anywhere you want! It’s made of soft nylon woven cloth and is easy to move around if you so choose! We also have this nifty hammock with camping netting!
One of the best tools you can have when camping, hiking, or other outdoorsy things is a good flashlight! It can get pretty dark out in the forest, so I find that they always come in handy. This one delivers up to 300 lumens of brightness, and 360° illumination, and is made of military-grade ABS material. It’s also collapsible, which is pretty darn cool! If you’re looking for more flashlight options, check here!
When I was growing up, we always went camping in a little pop-up camper; which I can tell you now is NOT easy with 5 people and a 60lb black lab! But we always had a lot of fun, and then I moved to the Pacific Northwest where everybody uses tents, which was a whole new experience for me! This tent has durable shock corded fiber poles and breathable wall construction so you can be sure to have the best sleep in a tent ever! It can fit 6 people, and we even have an option for a 2-room tent in case someone needs some privacy (or the dog wants their own section)!
What’s a camping trip without folding chairs to sit around the campfire with?! That was always my favorite part of camping, and to this day the smell of campfire smoke is one of my favorites and always makes me think of home! This foldable chair set is extra “cool” because it comes as two chairs with an umbrella and cooler in between! Perfect for enjoying time together without getting sunburned or getting too hot! It is made of sturdy nylon and comes with a handy carrying case so you can take it anywhere! For more outdoor seating ideas, look here!
I find that having a good sized backpack is such an essential when heading out for a camping trip! They have so many pockets, are incredibly sturdy and you can fit so much in them! Now if you’re going backpacking, you may need something a little bigger, but if you’re just going on a day or weekend trip, a backpack like this one will do just fine, and it’s 75% off! It is constructed of high-density 2-tone ripstop polyester and has multiple compression straps to stabilize heavy loads and assist with extra gear. The padded back is ergonomically designed and the shoulder straps are made with air-flow technology to keep you cool! Here are even more backpack options! 
The one thing I dislike most about the great outdoors is bugs! I know that they are just being bugs and living their little bug lives but I really don’t like when they crawl on or bite me! That’s why I always bring any protection I can find if I spend any decent amount of time outdoors.  This one is specifically designed to eliminate all flying insects and happens to be safe, eco-friendly, and ideal for families with children and pets, since it’s 100% non-toxic! It also doubles as a powerful and handy camping lantern with up to 18 hours of continuous use on only a single 3-hour charge.  And we have even more bug repellent options here!
If you’re loving the sunshine, warmth, and opportunity to be outdoors, we have what you need to make it a camping trip to remember!

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