8 Awesome Home Improvement Items


If you’re spending more time at home these days, chances are you are looking around regularly and noticing some work that needs to be done! Whether you own a house or are renting, read on to check out these 8 items that will help you improve your home!

Bright Basics Ultra Thin Wireless LED Puck Light I can always use more lighting in my house, or else I will stumble into everything! These awesome little lights  give you super bright lighting up to 120 max lumens! The LED light gives off a cool white glow, and the wireless remote control offers you the ability to control each individual light or all three lights at one time. It’s the perfect affordable option for adding more lighting to your closets, cabinets, shelves, garage, or anywhere else in your house that can benefit from some bright cool white light! See other lighting options!

Triple Layered Woven 84" Curtains Curtains are a simple way to improve how your living room looks and feels! (And to keep out the nosy neighbors if need be!) You can heighten the drama of a room just by adding these energy-saving curtains to your windows! Their features include noise reduction, room darkening, energy saving insulation, and protection from harsh sunlight. Hang them in your home today, and make them the focal point of any room you choose. Check out some more lovely curtains!

Sunbeam Chrome Dual Massager Shower Head The key to a refreshing shower is a fabulous showerhead; preferably one that will give you a nice massage while you’re cleaning up! You can shower in style and comfort with this awesome massager shower head. The set has a standard fixed shower head and also a handheld massager for the ultimate shower experience! It includes plumbers tape to ensure a tighter seal and other hardware for installation. And if you’re looking for other bathroom items, take a look at this!

HiLine WaterSaver Automatic Touch-Free Smart Faucet Adapter Now more than ever it seems like a really great idea to have hands free technology so we aren’t transferring as many germs to others! After mounting it to any standard faucet, you simply run your hands (or whatever you are washing, filling, or getting wet) under the faucet and your water comes on automatically. Pretty “handy,” don’t you think?

Stainless Steel Outdoor LED Solar Powered Path Lights We have a small little front yard that in the summer and spring is filled in by gorgeous leafy trees, so at night it’s very handy to come home to our sidewalk being lined with lights up to our door. Otherwise I would trip and fall on my butt for sure! These path lights are also powered by solar energy, making them extremely clean and eco-friendly, as well as being made of durable materials. Let us light the way for you!

USB Powered Mosquito Killer & Insect Control Tower Our house can be horribly hot in the summer, so we’re always leaving the door open to try and get some air flowing through; but along with the air comes all the flies and other bugs! You can kill flies, mosquitoes and other flying insects with this cool-looking control tower. It’s  designed with blue LED lights and does not use harsh chemicals or an electric shock! Don’t let the insects “bug” you any more this summer!

4-Step 330-lb Capacity Folding Ladder I’m short as heck, so doing anything around the house requires at least a step ladder. And if you’re doing a lot of home improvement type things, this groovy little ladder will give you a step up for any above-the-head projects! It’s also very easy to fold and store so it doesn’t take up a lot of space when you aren’t using it. Step to it!

True HEPA Air Purifier & Ion Generator If you’re sensitive to air quality due to allergies or pets, this air purifier is sure to help out with your breathing. I would personally recommend filling your house with plants, but this is also a fantastic option if you are having breathing problems in your home! The 5-in-1 air purifier eliminates 99.97% of dust particles, bacteria, and odors as small as 0.3 microns, eases allergies and helps you breathe free; plus it has a super sleek look that will go with any decor!

From adding fancy new curtains to your windows to installing a new showerhead, we have what you need to help you along with your home improvement!

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