8 Ways To Making Working From Home Perfect For You


I don’t know about you, but I have really enjoyed working from home these days! Not having to worry about transportation, getting to hang out with my dog all day, and most importantly, being able to decorate my “office” however I want to! (For me, this just means squeezing as many plants as I can into my work space!) If you foresee yourself working from home longer than you originally thought, maybe even permanently, read on to find out our thoughts on how to make your home office the perfect work environment!


Desk/Chair There’s really nothing more important than having a good chair to work from for 8 hours a day. I know my back appreciates mine, and I’m sure yours would too! Your body might also appreciate some extra cushion on that chair, and if you’re working from a carpeted area, it always helps to have a floor mat for those pesky wheels. Although I suppose it’d be helpful to have a desk to use that chair with! We even have an adjustable desk riser if you feel like standing for part of your work day. It’s essential to make sure you have a good desk/chair combination for your working needs! 

Computer I suppose the most essential thing you need when working from home is, of course, a computer! From desktop bundles by Dell to Acer laptops to Apple iPads at 54% off, we’ve got what you need to get through your work day! And if you’re working on a laptop all day, a cooling pad will come in handy to keep your computer from heating up & help make it last longer. We even have Wi-Fi routers to make sure you always stay connected! 

Mouse The other day the battery on my mouse died, and let me tell you, it was not easy using just the tracking pad on my computer! I ended up borrowing a battery from the TV remote just so i could finish getting my work done! If you’re working on your computer with multiple screens open all day, a mouse is very handy...just make sure you have batteries for it! A mouse pad is necessary to pair with your mouse, and we have this nifty charging mouse pad for 82% off. If you don’t already have a wireless mouse for your computer, I highly recommend investing in one!

Audio One of the things I’ve learned since working from home is that having good headphones or earbuds is extremely helpful if you have meetings all day, but also have noisy dogs that like to bark whenever the mailman stops by! I’m sure many of you are also trying to work around children these days, which can be a whole new challenge. Wireless AirBuds in all sorts of colors are all the rage these days (who wants to deal with all those wires?!), and we even have AirPods for Apple users. If you’re finding yourself distracted easily, these Bose noise-cancelling headphones will shut everything out and help you focus! And if it’s the kiddos distracting you, check out these adorable kids headphones you can pair up with any device to keep them entertained for a bit. Hear, hear!

Lighting My office has a small window to let in natural light, so especially in the winter, it’s not usually very ideal lighting without a few lamps thrown around the room. I also have a pretty cool touch lamp that I use so that my coworkers can see my face in our meetings! And if you’re in need of bulbs for your lamps, we have these rocking Kobra bulbs that have a remote control! If you’re feeling really fancy, you could get a set of smart light switches and outlets so you can control the lighting from your phone. Technology, am I right?! So crazy. I like to liven up my office space with fun little string lights, too. They don’t necessarily do much, but they look great! Did this give you any “bright” ideas? 

Ambience I find it rather difficult to work when I’m not comfortable, as I’m sure many of you do. The right temperature, the scent, the feeling of what you surround yourself with can be so vital to getting your work done. Maybe even just having a fun photo frame on your desk of you and your family or friends would do it! Or if you have kids, it might be fun to let them make you some art to decorate your walls with. Lighting a candle or having an essential oil diffuser really help up the ambience for me! And if you need white noise, or are worried about the summer heat, it certainly doesn’t hurt to get a fan to cool your space to the temp you need to focus! 

Clothing Quite possibly THE best thing about working from home? COMFY CLOTHING! Is there anything better than working in lounge pants or sweats? Or even pajamas pants or sets? You could even lounge around all day in your bathrobe! It’s just so fantastic. Highly recommend! 

Working from home can be tough, but we hope this has given you some ideas on how to make it easier on you. Good luck!

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