Avoid Mass Transit: Spice Up Your Ride Or Office


As many of us start heading back to work after lock-down, one thing I think we might be trying to avoid is mass transit. Buses and trains filled with people does not necessarily seem ideal right now, if you are able to get around it. If you have a car and prefer to use it as things start slowly getting back to normal, why not deck it out to make your commute easier or more fun? Or, maybe, you and your company are avoiding transportation all together by working from home a bit longer! Spice up your home office or vehicle by reading on!

Automotive I used to love taking the bus to work (so much reading time) when I had to commute, but I can’t imagine being too comfortable with it these days. If you’re avoiding buses and trains and other mass transit by driving your car instead, it’s going to mean getting used to a commute again. This might mean bringing more to work with you, which you can easily organize in a car caddy to keep from losing everything (like I always do!). If you’re like me and have problems with seat belts digging into your neck, even on short rides, you might like to have a seat belt cushion handy while you commute. The weather is changing, and we all know how crazy hot cars can get in the summer, so you ought to keep your car cool from sitting in the sun all day with a windshield protector or a sun shade for your side windows. While you’re at it, get yourself some cool sunglasses for up to 91% off to protect your eyes while you’re driving back to work this summer! And if you’re feeling fancy, give your car some eyelashes to make others smile on the road!

Home Office An even easier way to avoid mass transit is by working from home! If you’re still planning on working from home for the unforeseeable future, you might as well make your home office as comfy as possible. Whether you need a new desk for your computer, or a dry erase calendar to keep track of your work, we’ve got you covered! Those calendars are life-savers for me as an extremely visual (and forgetful!) individual. If your printer doesn’t fit on your desk, it can have it’s own little stand right next to you! Working from home, I notice how much more I sit now, so it’s important to me to have a good desk chair for my back with a mat underneath. It makes working so much easier when my back isn’t always sore! And in my opinion, there’s really no better way to liven up your work space than with a bunch of house plants on a cute wooden stand! I even filled up my office area with bookshelves...which means I can fill them with more books! I’ve been working from home for several months now, and honestly, it’s so much fun to decorate my office space with no restrictions!

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