Fantastic Finds for Father’s Day



"Dad, did you get a haircut?"

"No, I got them all cut!"

That is probably my dad’s favorite joke, and part of me honestly thinks that he keeps his hair short just so he can say this to my sisters & me! Dad jokes are the best, and we love them just as much as we love our dads, even if there is a lot of eye rolling involved. From the outdoorsy type of dad to the tech loving dad, we’ve got what you need to make this the best Father’s Day ever!

Tech One of my dad’s favorite things is technology, in nearly any form! If I even mention that I need a new phone, I’ll have one on my doorstep the next day! The fun thing about tech is that it is always changing, and there are always fun new items available. There’s nothing that says “dad” more than a thermostat, and now they are digital! From audio devices to computers to fun gadgets like this 70% off Aduro surge multi-station, there’s sure to be something neat for your dad!

Tools My dad was also a tool guy, and thanks to him I have a minimum of 3 tool boxes throughout my house! While I never learned to love power tools as much as he did, I did gain a pretty healthy appreciation for the basic tools needed in life, such as head lamps, screwdrivers, and tape measures. And really, is there anything more useful in life than a multi-purpose tool?! 

Outdoors The weather is getting nicer, which means more outdoor time! This means dads might be barbecuing, relaxing in a hammock, playing with the kids, or making sure the yard looks absolutely perfect (especially compared to the neighbors ;)). Staying home more often these days makes for a lot of patio time, too. From dining sets to a bar set up, your dad is sure to be the coolest guy on the block!

Fitness For those dads out there that are more athletic, we’ve got what you need, too! For the hiking dad, this backpack is sure to come in handy for trips lasting a few days. Home workouts are becoming more popular since gyms are closed, so we have this handy set to help out. Maybe your dad is in need of a new duffel bag for when the gyms open back up! If he’s a runner, he could probably use a hydration backpack, which I personally think is a brilliant invention! 

Clothing Sometimes a good Father’s Day gift is as simple as a piece of clothing that fits your dad’s style. For instance, this fancy belt that’s 80% off, or these handsome Oxford shoes! Or help him relax with this cozy bathrobe. You could even spice up your dad’s look with this luxurious Fossil watch. And since it’s summer, why not get him a new pair of swim trunks for those hot days when he needs a dip in the pool?  

No matter how you decided to give back to your dad this Father’s Day, don’t forget to throw in a few good dad jokes!

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