Getting Ready for Memorial Day


Like many Americans, I have at least one veteran in my life who means so much to me, and though my grandpa has passed on, I always pause for a moment of silence to thank him and all of the other soldiers throughout our country’s history that have sacrificed themselves so that we can have the luxuries we enjoy to this day! Memorial Day also marks the unofficial start to summer, which I am sure we are all looking forward to despite the strange circumstances! Read on to see what we have in store for summer!

Swimwear The weather is getting warmer (for most of us at least!) and the beginning of summer is a great time to jump into a new swimsuit! We even have these absolutely adorable mermaid swimsuits for the young ones, which are perfect for a sunbathe or summery photo shoot! Although we most likely won’t be flocking to beaches anytimes soon, you can use your new suit right in the backyard in your very own pool

Sunglasses Fun in the sun means making sure you’ve got stylish protection for your lookers! Whether you need them for sunbathing, walking the dog, or driving, a good pair of sunglasses is the perfect sunshiney accessory! Check out styles from classic vintage to name brands like Oakley, and up to 74% off on Guess! Throw some shade with a new pair this summer! 

Outdoor Home Since many of us will be enjoying the 3-day weekend with smaller gatherings than usual, we might as well enjoy it with a nice grill out in the yard! Put on your BBQ apron, cook up some burgers, & relax with a beer while still being able to keep your distance and enjoy the weather! Patio furniture is a must have for a BBQ in the backyard, and it’s even better with an umbrella. You can even wind down in the evening by chilling next to the fire pit with a glass of wine. 

Lawn & Garden Ahhhh, summer! Sunshine, warmth, and green things growing everywhere! While this is generally a good thing, sometimes the yard can get out of control, but not to worry, we are here to help with awesome tools like a lawn mower or edger! Once the lawn is taken care of, you can get down to the fun stuff, like tending your garden, relaxing on a hammock, or reading a good book on your day bed. You deserve it!

Toys & Games The kiddos are probably even more antsy than usual, but at least now that it’s nice there are more outdoor activities available! If you’ve got the space, why not fly a kite? Or go snorkeling in your new pool? How about cruising around in some roller skates? If you’re really tolerant, we even have a fun instrument set to entertain the younger kids! 

However you decide to celebrate this Memorial Day, have fun & be safe! We’re ready for summer, are you?

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