Gift Guide for Kids - Four Fun Finds For Your Kiddos

It’s the most magical time of the year for the little ones! Twinkling lights, Christmas trees with presents underneath (and maybe a kitty in the branches!), fresh baked cookies, and so much more. Some of my best memories growing up were from the holidays, and we’ve got what you need in our Gift Guide for Kids Collection to make that happy for your kids too! 

Britenway Toy Doctor Kit

I really wanted to be a veterinarian when I was little, but as soon as I talked to an actual vet and found out that it didn’t mean I would get to play with puppies all day, that went right out the window! But if you have a little one at home that is an aspiring doctor or nurse of any kind, this will be the perfect holiday gift for them. It might even make them a little less scared of their next doctor visit! Engage your child in creative and pretend play, nurture their imagination and promote motor skills. Now your kids can have fun, learn, and overcome their doctor related fears at the same time! And if you’re looking for other toys like this, check here!

Beech Burlywood 3-Drawer Tabletop Easel

My little sister always took her drawing stuff with her wherever she went when we were kids, and I bet this would have really come in handy for her back then! She has become much more organized these days, but I remember art supplies being everywhere, no matter where we were. If you have a future artist on your hands, this table top easel will be absolutely perfect for them! It’s portable, has drawers for all of their pens, paintbrushes, and pencils, and opens up into an adjustable easel to draw and paint on. Your little artist could be the next Michelangelo with this fancy easel!

C.C Kids' Ponytail Beanie

It’s winter, which means a beanie is a necessary piece of clothing for the next few months! These ponytail beanies are pretty nifty and make it easy to keep your hair up and still have most of your head covered. This warm C.C Kids' Ponytail Beanie is sized to fit your child while keeping their hair from taking up all the room inside the beanie. They will remain warm and stylish! Simply pull the ponytail through the elastic opening for a cute twist on the classic beanie. Look here for more hat options! 

Wooden Classic 30 Key Baby Grand Piano w/ Bench & Music Stand

I grew up in a very musical family, and we had a baby grand piano in our house that I absolutely loved. I was never particularly talented, but I could play every song in the beginner’s Disney book, I’ll have you know! One of my favorite memories is gathering around the piano while one of my more talented family members played and we sang along. Music has a special place in my heart, and I firmly believe it’s important for developing youngsters! Allow your children to explore music and creativity with this Wooden Classic 30-Key Baby Grand Piano. Playing musical instruments has been shown to improve brain function, boost creativity, and improve hand-eye coordination. And, it comes with it’s own music stand to hold any music they want to learn!

Make this a Christmas to remember for your kiddos with these fun finds from our Gift Guide for Kids Collection!

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