How to Still Have Fun While Social Distancing

As an incredibly social person myself, social distancing has been an interesting mix of finding ways to keep myself busy, still connecting with friends and family, and spending more time with my dog! We are all dealing with it in different ways of course, depending on whether or not we live alone, have kids, are still working, or even prefer all the lack of human contact that is the current standard! If you are looking for fun ways to make social distancing easier, read on! 

Technology I don’t know about you, but I am incredibly grateful for the technology we have available these days to be able to keep in touch with each other! I spend a lot of time “meeting up” with my knitting group, and even having virtual Happy Hour with my sisters! Having a great computer and phone at my fingertips to keep in touch with my loved ones has been an absolute joy. Since I work from home and have a very loud dog that likes to bark at the mailman, it’s so helpful to have a good pair of headphones, too! I highly recommend taking advantage of technology right now and getting in some virtual chats with the people you love & miss!

Kitchen Time Has anyone else been spending a crazy amount of time in the kitchen these days?! My stand alone mixer has been getting so much attention in the last few weeks! Muffins are my specialty, which my roommates and boyfriend don’t mind at all! Cooking & baking are great ways to relax and keep your mind working at the same time. 

Home Workout To me this seems like the perfect time to get into a fitness routine, since there aren’t as many distractions for me as usual. My sister is teaching me yoga, and I like to find YouTube fitness videos to get my heart pumping! To keep myself motivated and serious, I even bought myself some workout accessories, like a new fitness tracker and even a scale! Gotta work off all those muffins I just baked!

Beautify Not leaving the house has truthfully made me a bit lazy about caring a whole lot what I look like. I used to love putting make-up on, but now I’m like….Who cares?! Then I started thinking about how even getting dolled up for a virtual meeting with friends or family might do a lot to boost my confidence! Self-care is an important thing to keep in the forefront of my mind through all of this, and what better way than to put on a cute outfit, do up my hair, & slap on some jewelry and make-up? Give it a try!

Love Your Pet My dog Bruno has been enjoying all the nice long walks we’ve been taking with all this extra time, and I’m sure he’s really enjoying all the long conversations I hold with him now! I know adoption rates have been up these days, and I have even thinking about getting a kitten to add to the family. Pets have always been a big part of my life, and I’m so thankful to have Bruno around to comfort me so I’m never alone!

Fun for Kiddos The weather is getting nicer, so I know a lot of my friends are trying to find ways to keep their kids entertained with all this free time. With summer on the way, there are lots of fun activities for the kiddos, inside and out! If you have a yard, get them involved with your gardening! My mom always had us help her weed the garden to get us outside. You can even have them help you in the kitchen! Kids can be a challenge to entertain, but the nicer weather brings out all sorts of new possibilities!

There’s so many ways to keep yourself busy while you’re socially distancing, so stay safe & have fun!

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