Ideas For Entertaining The Kids


With summer approaching fast (this very weekend, in fact!), I’m sure your kids are getting very excited to start enjoying the weather! From playing outdoors, to playing games inside, to car tripping with the whole family, we have a lot of outside the box ideas for entertainment! So if you’re spending the summer with the kiddos and running out of ideas to keep them busy, read on!

Outdoors With better weather upon us, the kiddos are probably getting a bit restless to go outside and play! Although this may limit you to the back yard, there is still plenty to do in the great outdoors! If you can find a big enough uncrowded space, this rainbow kite could be afternoons of fun! And speaking of rainbows, what better way to cool down than with this awesome sprinkler? A great way to tamper some of that pent-up energy is to go for a bike or scooter ride up and down the neighborhood, or set up a basketball court in your driveway. If you’re really looking for something different to keep them entertained, grab this castle bouncy house for your front yard! A whole summer of fun in one blow!

Indoors Even though spending time outside can be fun, sometimes it is just too darn hot in the summer! Luckily, we have lots of fun toys and games to help keep your little ones engaged, such as a building set, this 70% off construction toy truck, or even these tabletop games! Or why not have a dance party with this little dancing unicorn? You can even have a family laser tag game! I remember when I was young how much I loved “making dinner” for my family with my kitchen and food set, and also enjoyed fun science kits, which is something your kids might enjoy too! Show your little that being inside can be fun, too!

Car Trip Whether you’re on a trip to go camping or to see grandma and grandpa, long rides can be a challenge for kids sometimes. I loved car trips when I was younger, and we did a lot of them in our minivan growing up! We usually just read books, but kids today have so many more options for small space entertainment, such as this 74% off retro gaming device, or this fun space putty! We even have these cute emoji backpacks or an Avengers drawstring pack for your kids to put all their trip stuff into. And for the Star Wars fans out there, you can’t get more fun than a Chewy plushie

It might turn out to be quite a long summer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still find ways to have fun with the kids!

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