Items For Cooking Up Fun In The Kitchen


Spending more time in my house over the last few months gave me a lot of time to hone my cooking and baking skills, and it’s been a lot of fun! I got a new Kitchen-Aid a few months back, so you can imagine all the banana bread, muffins, and cakes I’ve been learning to make! I have very much been enjoying throwing on my music, gathering all my ingredients, and just spending an hour or so making something delicious that I can share with those close to me. Read on if you’re like me and are looking for more tools to master your kitchen!

Cooking I’ve never been a great cook, but I do generally enjoy throwing spices on food to make delicious dishes! I usually start by pouring myself a nice glass of wine to relax me, and then I’ll get out my cutting board and knives, because cutting up veggies is one of my favorite parts of cooking. (Between you and me, I’m a bit of a klutz, so I like to make sure I always have a cutting glove handy!) Sometimes though, it’s easier (and less dangerous) to just use a chopper or blender, depending on what your recipe calls for. We even have this 75% off Pokemon spice grinder that makes cooking so much more fun! And once all the cooking is done, you can plate what you’ll eat right away, and put the leftovers in a storage container and BAM! You don’t have to cook again tomorrow!    

Baking Now baking is where it’s truly at for me! Once again, I like to get all my ingredients out before I begin, because I really hate getting into a recipe & realizing I don’t have the next ingredient at the ready! I also like to have my utensils, measuring devices, and other tools ready before I get started. If I’m feeling too lazy to break out my Kitchen-Aid, using my hand mixer is always a good alternative. My specialty these days is banana bread, but I also love making muffins and cupcakes, especially in cute shapes like these silicone butterflies! Although baking is fun, spending all that time on my feet can be tiring, which is where these 50% off kitchen mats come in to help! So get to baking, there ain’t “muffin” to it! 

Barbecue It’s finally summer which means barbecue season! Even if we can’t have large gatherings like we used to, BBQ is a simple thing to do in the backyard just to get outside the house and enjoy the weather. Can you really get started grilling if you don’t have a wicked cool apron?! I tend to also need a pair of heat resistant gloves so I don’t burn myself, and one of these handy baskets or grill skillets that are easily removable! Or, what’s more fun than using skewers to make shish kabobs? That was always a favorite in our family! And, of course, a summer barbecue just isn’t the same without a glass beverage dispenser full of ice cold lemonade!

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