Our Top Fabulous Fall Favorites Picks


Ahh, fall is finally here! Time for scarves, hats, hot cider, and pumpkin flavored everything! I know some of you will be mourning the loss of summer, but others, like me, will be grateful for this wonderful time of year. Not too hot, not too cold, and the world is constantly changing from one beautiful color to another. If you’re looking for some great deals to celebrate this fall, read on!

C.C Ribbed Sequin Beanie

I absolutely love a good beanie for the colder months! I’m a knitter so a lot of times I’ll make my own, but every now and then it’s nice to let someone else do the work! Especially if I can find one that sparkles! This C.C Ribbed Sequin Beanie features sparkly sequined accents to add a hint of glitter to your every day. It’s made with a classic ribbed design and will look amazing with all your layered outfits! This beanie has the authentic C.C leather tag and comes in 4 colors! Check here for other great C.C Beanie options!

Sheradian Reversible Corduroy-Pattern Sherpa Throw Blanket

I love spooky season, so curling up on the couch with a cozy blanket, my dog, and some wine while I watch a scary movie is my favorite way to spend autumn evenings! This  lightweight, yet luxuriously reversible soft blanket provides all season comfort. It’s made of 100% polyester, the reversible design is Sherpa lined on one side and corduroy patterned on the other side. This throw is big, soft, cozy, and easy to carry with you anywhere. It’s even machine washable for easy care and comes in 9 different colors!

Lightweight Packable Quilted Water-Repellent Puffer Vest

The cool weather and precipitation are coming (for some of us, anyway!) and having a warm vest is perfect for fall! You can wear long or short sleeves underneath depending on the weather, and it’s water resistant in case you get caught in the rain! It’s ideal for keeping your core warm while being used as a light top layer or inner middle layer. The quilted brick design helps trap heat to keep you warm while remaining stylish. Zippered hand pockets keep small items secure, and its light construction makes it easily packable when on the go!

C.C Knitted Pet Sweater

We can’t forget our furry friends when the weather turns! My 50 lb. Australian Shepherd mix looks adorable in a sweater, although he doesn’t like them much. He usually will just hold still and glare at me until I take it off of him! If your pet is more tolerant than mine, you can keep your furry friend cozy, warm, and stylish with this C.C Knitted Pet Sweater. This cute cable knit sweater is suitable for any size pet needing another layer this winter. Choose the right size and color for your buddy using the sizing chart in the images section. Make your pet posh this fall!

Ultra-Soft Nepali Wool Cashmere Scarf

A good scarf is the perfect fall accessory! You can wear it with anything, and it’s so nice to have on hand when the weather turns and we start getting those winds that somehow always find your neck! This scarf is one of our best sellers, and is woven from the fleece of the cashmere goat.  Known for its silky, soft texture and durable strength, cashmere is the ideal fabric for crafting a variety of winter accessories. Unlike sheep's wool, it can be worn directly against the skin without causing irritation, and provides superior insulation against the cold. Today, cashmere is a designer's dream fabric, and advances in processing techniques have expanded the availability of this luxurious material to places around the world! A must for every wardrobe, this scarf protects you from the cold without the irritation of scratchy wool, all while maintaining your stylish outfit.

So take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy the beginning of the autumn season with these cozy deals!

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