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Let’s “paws” and take a moment to think about how much we appreciate having our furry friends around! I’ve raised my 11-year-old dog Bruno since he was a puppy, and I love every goofy moment I get with him! From long morning walks to chilling together on the couch, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Our pets bring us so much joy every day, so of course we want the very best for them. Whether you are a newbie or a long-time pet owner, we have what you need to make your buddy as happy as can be!

Dogs One of my favorite things to do with Bruno is taking him on a long walk in the morning. It’s good for bonding (and training, when they are younger) and gives me a workout too! If you have two furry buddies to walk, this 78% off double dog leash is the perfect accessory. Sometimes we like to go to the park or on a hike with the dogs, so we have one of these handy backseat covers - easy to remove & wash, and even has a leash attachment in case your pup is prone to jumping out of windows! Living in Seattle, we often get caught in the rain, and since Bruno’s fur absorbs water and mud like crazy we always have to keep a towel in the car. But if you aren’t to the walking stage yet with your puppy, we’ve got you covered with puppy pads, or this potty trainer that looks like grass! At the end of the day, your doggo will appreciate a soft, comfy bed to lay in while you watch TV together. Who doesn’t enjoy the unconditional love of a dog?!      

Cats I’ve never had a cat myself, but I have lived with a couple and absolutely love them! They are so independent, but definitely give back their own kind of love. I lived with a cat named Porkchop for a while, and she was a terribly messy eater, and probably could have benefited from some of these spill proof bowls! Most cats that I know enjoy a good scratching post (which also protects your furniture), much like this cute sunflower one! Porkchop always had the zoomies in the middle of the day, and the next thing I knew would be sound asleep in her kitty  bed. Go give your kitty some love right meow!

Our pets are a big part of our families, so spoil them like crazy because they deserve it just for being their cute selves!

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