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October is here, which means the holidays are just around the corner! My favorite holiday is Halloween, so you can bet that I’m excited for all things spooky! Christmas is on it’s way too then, and with higher volumes of online shopping expected this year, it’s a perfect time to get a head start on decorations. If you need a pick-me-up to help you get through these tough times, read on to start in on your holiday decor!

Noble House Soft Fleece Winter Holiday Throw Blanket

Cuddling up with a cozy blanket and hot cocoa is the perfect way to spend a holiday evening, and it’s even better if the blanket is holiday-themed! This one has soft and plush fabric made from 100% Polyester. Perfect for seasonal holidays and lounging on the couch,  it comes in so many different varieties. You can even get a different style for fall and winter! If you want to check out other cozy blanket options, we have a bunch here!

5-foot Inflatable 3-Pumpkin Stack Halloween Decor

Decorating your yard for Halloween this year can be easy with this spooky snowman-like pumpkin stack! Even if trick-or-treating doesn’t happen this year, that doesn’t mean you can’t show your Halloween spirit! It has built-in LED lights which will definitely attract the attention of neighbors and guests at night and bring a mysterious Halloween atmosphere to your yard or garden. Just plug in the adapter and it will automatically inflate!

Pre-Lit LED 7ft or 7.5ft Pine Cone Christmas Tree

What’s Christmas without the tree?! We always had the fake ones growing up because my dad was quite allergic to pine trees, and I didn’t mind because I always thought it was fun to put the tree together! This one is even cooler because it’s pre-lit, which is a fancy addition that we never had growing up! I swear we always had to re-do the lights 4 or 5 times! It even has pine cones to make it look more realistic. It is made of fade and crush resistant PVC and PE needles. This tree appears fresh-cut and the staggered branches give the tree a fuller profile! Check this out for even more Christmas trees!

Life Size Realistic 5.4-foot Full-Body Hanging Skeleton

Can Halloween really get any better than a life size skeleton?! It’s the perfect decoration for the season, and completely versatile. This dude is 63" high and made of durable PP material. Hang it in the dark corner around the house to frighten your friends, or out in the yard to spook everyone! Seven flexible adjustable joints allow you to adjust the posture of the skeleton, which means the possibilities are endless and you can change it every day if you want to. No bones about it, this is a spine-tingling deal at 52% off!

Pre-lit Flocked Artificial Spruce 24'' Christmas Wreath

I sure love a good wreath on any door I can find space on, and this one is pre-lit just like the Christmas tree! So convenient, I’m seriously so lazy about putting up lights. This beauty contains 50 LED lights as well as several ornaments like silver bristles and red berries. The Christmas wreath has 30 pine needles, which provides a lush and full look that will make your guests pine after yours!

10-Foot White Grey Reaper with LED Eyes

If you really want to scare your guests this Halloween season, look no further than this super frightening Reaper! Even better if you can find a fog machine, this creeper hangs 10 feet tall with LED light eyes, and includes a terrifying shroud and creepy hair. It requires two "AA" batteries that are not included. It is sure to spook the neighborhood, and maybe even you!

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