Shower Your Mom With Love this Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is coming up, and I have a lot of fun ideas to help you make your mother feel loved this year! No matter what, there are always plenty of ways to shower her with love. Does she have a pet she cares for dearly? Does she have a garden she spends a lot of time in? What about beauty care or clothing? If you’re like me and appreciate your mother the older you get, (and the more you realize what you put her through when you were younger!) I know you’ll be able find her the perfect gift that lets her know just how much you care!

Jewelry! I love to express myself through jewelry, and many women feel the same way! Whether your mom is into necklaces or earrings, there are plenty of jewelry options to make her sparkle. Every woman has their own style, and it is easy to find something to fit your mom no matter her preference. I like a nice simple line, but I know other women who prefer bold statement pieces! Your mom will appreciate the effort you took to pick her out the perfect piece of jewelry.  

Spoiled Pets! Pets are just simply the very best. If your mom has a cat or dog (ESPECIALLY if you’ve already left the nest!) you KNOW they are being spoiled rotten! Getting out for a walk with the dog is a great way to spend extra time and bond with your little buddy. And having a cat around to cuddle with is superb as well! Pets help us to enjoy the little things!

Gardening! My mom always had us helping her in the garden, and I am grateful to have somewhat inherited her green thumb! I have learned a lot from her and have since collected many of my own tools for outdoor gardening, but have really taken to indoor gardening without much of my own outdoor space. Having a garden to tend can be extremely relaxing and cathartic, and watching the literal fruits of your labor is so exciting! There are so many things to do with indoor/outdoor gardening, and spring is the perfect time to gather items your mom can use for hers!

Beautify! Although these days we are mostly only getting dressed up to go to the grocery store, (#quarantinefashion) it is still nice to have beauty products included in our every day routine! Your mom may also want to have a nice virtual family get together, which means an excuse to put on makeup, do her hair, and even wear some perfume. Having a new pair of shoes or clothing will help make your mom feel like the prettiest girl at the ball! We could all use a confidence boost right now, and your mom deserves it! 

No matter what you find for your mom this year, don’t forget to tell her how much you love her!

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