Stunning Stocking Stuffers for Everyone in the Family!

My grandma hand knits beautiful stockings for everyone in our family, so getting to our stockings was always very personal and exciting in my house! We of course even had one for our black lab, Velvet, and I’m sure it was her favorite day of every year too! Stocking stuffing can be a lot of fun - it’s basically a fun bag of surprises. Stuff your family’s stockings this year with our awesome collection!

14k Gold Plated Swarovski Elements Round Halo Stud Earrings

Be an absolute stud for your partner this year with a beautiful pair of earrings! These earrings may seem plain, but are so lovely when caught in the light. Whether they are looking for a simple yet beautiful piece for a date night, the office, or simply a night out on the town, these studs will look gorgeous for any and all occasions! Buy some Swarovski element-studded earrings for your friends or loved ones and show them how much you care! If you’re looking to stuff their stocking with more jewelry, look here!

Artlover 3D Pompetz Art Kits

Help keep arts and crafts alive in your little ones with fun kits like this one! It is proof that crafts are so much more fun when you can play with the finished product. These sets come complete with everything needed to create fuzzy yarn-adorned creatures. On top of being loads of fun, they help develop the creativity of your children! Take your pick from four different designs to choose from: Llama, Dinosaur, Unicorn and Dragon. Your kids art to be excited for this stocking stuffer!

Bear Claw Back Scratchers

Alright, so, it’s been a tough year to bear, but we are almost through it, and we certainly don’t need the added stress of that scratch you just can’t itch! This back scratcher can extend nearly 23" to give you instant relief anywhere you need it. So convenient! When you don't need it, you can retract it down to 8.5 inches. It’s made of high grade metal, with a comfortable cushion grip handle, and comes in a pack of four so everyone in the family can have one!


Men's Legacy Beard Shaper Tool

My partner didn’t even so much as use beard oil on his glorious red beard until I met him, and one of these nifty little do-dads is next on the list for beard maintenance! There is just something so satisfying about a clean beard line, and this tool will help your guy achieve just that. It’s light, easy to use, and incredibly efficient, obtaining the precise facial hair symmetry every man is  looking for - it’s never been so easy! Vary your beard style as much as you want with all the different options and be the "beard man" you’ve always wanted to be with the Beard Shaper. 

Novelty Socks

Honestly, the older I get the more excited I am about receiving socks for Christmas - you can’t have enough in my opinion. Especially fun novelty socks! I’m pretty sure I have a pair of Spock socks (Spocks?) somewhere… Anyway, add some fun to your outfit with these fun novelty socks! They are perfect when you have to maintain a professional look but still have that burning desire to be fun. If you’re working from home, even better! They are super soft and comfy and will go with anything! All we ask is that you don’t wear them with sandals, dad….

Find some fun and chill stocking stuffers for everyone in your family this year!

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