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Ricoh Theta m15 Spherical VR Panorama Camera

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Product Description

The Ricoh Theta Panorama Camera capture all corners of your daily landscape in a single 360° shot. It lets you capture still images as well as up to 3 minutes of 360° HD video, even including the audio! The camera also features smooth image sharing using SNS from a smartphone or PC, social media such as Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr, as well as uploading them to And if you're more of a developer type, the camera coms equipped with an SDK that allows you to develop your own apps for the camera!

Enabling you to capture unique 360° spherical imagery and video with just a single click, the Theta m15 Spherical VR Digital Camera from Ricoh is further characterized by its dual lens design, sleek form factor, and eye-catching white finish. Lenses on both the front and back sides of the camera permit a full spherical image to be captured with each exposure, and Auto, Shutter-Priority, and ISO Priority exposure modes are available for greater control over the final results. HD video can also be captured at 15 fps, with frame stitching done during post-production using a dedicated Mac and Windows-compatible application. Both stills and movies can be saved to the internal 4GB memory, and image files up to 5MB can be wirelessly transferred to social media sites using the built-in Wi-Fi connectivity. 


  • Check out some of the amazing photos and videos you can create in the Ricoh Theta gallery HERE.
  • Unique dual lens design incorporates lenses on the front and back of the camera to enable full 360° spherical imagery to be recorded with each exposure, along with an automatically adjusted image orientation. Additionally, fixed focus range of 3.9" to infinity renders nearly all subjects in focus.
  • A top still image sensitivity of ISO 1600, or ISO 400 for video, permits working in a broad array of lighting conditions. Furthermore, shutter speeds up to 1/8000 sec. benefit shooting in bright lighting.
  • Auto, Shutter Priority, and ISO Priority exposure modes are available.
  • Beyond still imagery, up to three minutes of 1920 x 1080p video can also be recorded at 15 fps. Video files can be stitched together using the dedicated software, which is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems. Alternatively, the dedicated app can also be used to process video files, with the ability to adjust the image size, shape, and composition using touch controls.
  • Up to 4800 still images and a total of 40 minutes of video can be saved to the 4GB internal memory.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity enables direct wireless transferring to Android or iOS mobile devices, using a dedicated app, which permits instant sharing to social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.
  • Software development kit enables users to develop their own apps specifically for the Theta m15.
  • 360 Degree Spherical Panorama images, dedicated viewing apps available for download
  • Spherical Videos up to 3 minutes in duration
  • Video tool in app allows changes to size, shape and composition
  • Upload videos (up to 5MB) to or share on social media such as Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr
  • Fast Wi-Fi transfer, wireless sharing, equipped with an SDK - allows users to develop their own APPs

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What's in the Box?

  • Ricoh Theta m15 Spherical VR Panorama Camera


  • Dimensions: 0.9 x 1.6 x 5 inches ; .25 pounds
  • ISO Range: 100, 200, 400, 1600
  • Lithium Battery Voltage: 3.7 volts
  • Maximum Aperture: ƒ/2
  • Minimum Aperture: ƒ/2
  • Maximum Horizontal Resolution: 3, 584 pixels
  • Memory Storage Capacity: 4GB
  • 90 Day Manufacturer Warranty

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