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[2-Pack] Pilot Automotive USB Rechargeable Cigarette Lighter

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Product Description

This unique lighter uses intense heat to light cigarettes. The remarkable lighter is operated by electrical power and doesn't create a flame. The lighter occurs by electrical transmission sent through a metal coil which creates an intense heat. The energy is supplied by a tiny light-weight battery, which can be easily recharged by using any USB port. This USB lighter allows you to light your cigarette, cigar or whatever else, without a flame in sight. Even if you don't smoke, the lighter can be used to light candles incense stick or insect coils. The rechargeable utilizes a red LED indicator signifying your device needs to be charged or is in the process of being charged. The green LED indicator lets you know when the charge is complete. Without a flame, it's completely windproof - ignition is as simple as a pull down on/off button.


  • Slide the tab up & hold to activate
  • Hold the cigarette directly above the coils without contact
  • Allow the coil to heat up to light

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  • [2-Pack] Pilot Automotive USB Rechargeable Cigarette Lighter


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