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Genuine Apple Magnetic Charging Cable for Apple Watch (All Series)

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Product Description

Keep your Apple Watch, Watch Sport, or Watch Edition powered up with a 3.3' Apple Magnetic Charging Cable. This cable combines inductive charging with Apple's MagSafe technology to create a new connector that magnetically snaps into place when you hold it near the back of your Watch. With no exposed electrical contacts, the system is completely sealed. The cable is compatible with all sizes and versions of Apple Watch.

It’s a completely sealed system free of exposed contacts. And it’s very forgiving, requiring no precise alignment.


  • Combines Magsafe technology with inductive charging
  • Sealed system, free of exposed contacts
  • Simply hold the connector near the back of the watch and magnets snap into place automatically

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What's in the Box?

  • Genuine Apple Magnetic Charging Cable for Apple Watch (All Series)


  • Length: 3.3'
  • 30 Day Warranty

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