UntilGone.com Rewards

UntilGone.com Rewards is a loyalty program for our members that offers special perks and savings, including up to 3% cash back on every purchase!   Earn reward points on every purchase and other activities redeemable for Gift Cards.

Membership levels



    100 POINTS

    Make a purchase, confirm your account, and you're on your way to earning points!

  • Silver


    500 POINTS

    Grab a few more deals and then you're Silver as easy as that!

  • Gold


    1,000 POINTS

    As a Gold Level Member, you can start earning 15 points for every dollar spent!

  • Diamond


    3,000 POINTS

    Diamond Level Members enjoy additional perks like exclusive coupons!

  • Blue Diamond

    Blue Diamond

    6,000 POINTS

    At 24 points for every dollar spend, you're now eligible for up to 3% cash back!


How do I enroll in UntilGone.com Rewards?

If you sign up for an account at UntilGone.com, then you're already a member on your way to earning some great rewards! If you haven't set up an account, then Sign Up Here!

What are the benefits of the UntilGone.com Rewards program?

As a member of the loyalty program, members earn points that can be redeemed for discounts on UntilGone.com's already best-on-web deals. Benefits available to members include:

  • Cash Back Savings: Members can earn up to 3% cash back on purchases made on UntilGone.com. The more you spend, the more you earn!
  • Early Access to Junk Boxes: Our popular junk boxes frequently sell out fast - Diamond members and up will gain early access! (and sometimes Gold)
  • Exclusive Deals: Diamond members and up will be sent exclusive offers on deals that are priced too low to display to the general public on our site, along with special Junk Boxes.
  • Exclusive Coupons: All members are eligible for exclusive coupons that will be emailed to our loyal and valued customers, but the higher your member level, the better the coupons will be and the more often you'll receive them!

What is an UntilGone.com Rewards Member Level?

The UntilGone.com rewards program consists of five different loyalty levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond and Blue Diamond.  The higher your level, the more perks you'll earn, including more points earned for every dollar spent.

UntilGone.com members are rewarded for their purchases and certain activities. Members earn points for every dollar spent, as well as for spreading the word about UntilGone.com! The more points you earn every year, the higher your membership level will be and the more perks and benefits you'll receive. Your points will never expire as long as new points are earned at least once every 365 days. 

Here is a table showing the number of yearly points you need to earn for each level, as well as the number of points you can earn at each level when you make purchases on UntilGone.com.

Rewards Level

Points Required

Points You Earn Per $1 Spent













Blue Diamond



What can I redeem the points for that I earn?

Below is a table showing the current rewards that you can redeem for your points. Once you reach Blue Diamond level, you'll be eligible for up to 3% cash back on all your orders on UntilGone.com (by redeeming your points for a $25 gift card that were earned for receiving 24 points per every dollar spent).  As long as you earn new points at least once every 365 days, your points will never expire. You do, however, need to earn the required points listed above every year to maintain your membership level.


Points Required

$1 Gift Card


$5 Gift Card


$10 Gift Card


$25 Gift Card


What's the difference between Gift Cards and Coupon Codes?

Gift Cards are stackable! You can only use one coupon code per order, but you can use multiple UntilGone.com Gift Cards on a single order or gift them to friends and family. You can even use a coupon code with a Gift Card!

How else can I earn points besides buying amazing deals?

There are several things you can do to earn points. Check back frequently for updated available point-earning actions.  Remember, to maintain your membership level you need to earn the required points listed above every year, but as long as you earn new points at least once every 365 days, your points will never expire!


Points Earned

Confirm Your Account


Refer a Friend




Why can't I earn points with social sharing any more?

Unfortunately, a few bad actors have extensively abused the system and we were forced to disable this capability until we can determine a way to prevent this type of fraud.  

Where do I see what my Rewards Level is and how many points I have?

When you are signed into your account, you'll be able to see your membership level as well as how many points you have earned. In addition, when you are signed in you can click on the floating Rewards Widget at the bottom left-hand side of the website. This widget instantly updates every time you earn points and shows you how many points you have, what rewards you're eligible for, how many points needed to earn certain rewards, and how many points needed to reach the next UntilGone.com Rewards Level.

Do my points expire?

As long as you earn new points at least once every 365 days, then your points will never expire!  However, like all great reward programs, the more active you are in the program, the better your benefits!  So in order to maintain your member level, the number of required points for that level must be earned every year.  For example, if you are a Blue Diamond member, you need to earn 6,000 points each year and you could earn these points by simply referring your friends to UntilGone.com!  Plus, as a Blue Diamond member, you'll always earn 24 points for ever dollar spent on UntilGone.com's amazing deals! 


*** In order to protect the integrity of our program, we reserve the right to cancel points, rewards, and/or member accounts for abusive or fraudulent behavior.  Members may only create and/or maintain one account per individual.  

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