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[2-Pack] ZappLight 2-in-1 Ultimate Mosquito Killer & LED Light Bulb

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Product Description

The ZappLight 2-in-1 Ultimate Mosquito Killer & Pest Control LED Lightbulb is a powerful led light with an electric zapper built in. This all in one bulb will get rid of annoying insects, including ones that carry diseases! 

Simply turn the power off before inserting the ZappLight in any 110v socket. Once the bulb is in place, turn the switch to activate both the light function and the zap function. To activate the zap function only, simply turn the light off and on again. To activate the light function again, toggle the switch once more. Easy!

All flying insects are quietly and consistently destroyed with this bulb. Don't worry about any harmful toxins or chemicals associated with sprays or powders as well as no safety concerns for children and pets. If necessary, a free brush is included to keep the zapper clean. The bulb can be used year-round for bright lighting and insect zapping indoors or outdoors. This is a must have in every home and office. Zap away any doubt. GRAB your 2-Pack today!


  • Two-in-one solution for lighting and bug zapping all at once
  • Save money on electric bills with this energy-efficient light bulb
  • Stop buying mosquito zappers and repellents
  • Enjoy a summer without the annoying buzz of mosquitoes and insects
  • Avoid diseases carried by mosquitos and other insects
  • Used as light bulb only, as a zapper only, or as both
  • Each order includes two ZappLights!

Yours Until Gone!

What's in the Box?

  • (2) Zapplight 2-in-1 Ultimate Mosquito Killer & Pest Control LED Lightbulb


  • 6.15"(H) x 3.15"(W)
  • Zapplight combines a powerful LED Light with an effective electric zapper to solve one of life's biggest problems: INSECTS!

    Easy installation, screws into socket just like any other bulb!

    (Cannot be used with dimmer switches or HID lamps)

    Step 1: Turn power off

    Step 2: Insert Zapplight into any 110V Socket

    Step 3: Switch light on and the light & zapper will activate (once the Blue LED Light is on, zapper is activated)

    Step 4: To toggle modes, simply click the switch again

    Buzzing, flying, stinging creatures that put your family in harm's way are consistently destroyed with the latest technology in lighting.

    Say goodbye to fruit flies, wasps, mosquitoes, gnats & more with our silent exterminator. We have designed the best indoor/outdoor zapper on the market.

  • 30 Day Warranty


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