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Blood Pressure Monitor Double Pulse Detection With Bluetooth Connectivity - Large cuff

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Product Description

Get accurate readings in no time, with the least amount of discomfort. Equipped with the unique and advanced Double Pulse Detection Algorithm (DPDA), the Blood Pressure Monitor delivers actual readings in just 30-40 seconds. Trying to improve your blood pressure and heart health can be quite a challenge. There are so many things you can do. What will work for you, and where should you start?

If you won’t start measuring, you won’t even know if the changes you make to your lifestyle have a positive impact. This BP Machine uses Measurement During Inflation, which gives you quick results and a pain-free way of measuring. With the free app, tracking the changes in your blood levels is a no-brainer.

If you need the wireless monitor that has it all: accurate and comfortable measurements, a free app to track your trends, real 5 AHA level indication, movement detection, and backlight; our automatic blood pressure cuff won’t let you down.

Keep Track Of Your Health
With the free app, keeping track of your health is a no-brainer! The app tells you if the changes in your lifestyle work for you or not. Just start measuring.

Measuring During Inflation
The measurement already starts while the cuff is inflating. This ensures not only quick results, it also makes measurements a lot more comfortable.

Reading In 30 Seconds
Take a measurement in 30 seconds! The blood pressure monitor shows your systolic (higher) and diastolic (lower) blood pressure at a glance

Irregular Heartbeat Detection
The device also works as a heart monitor. It shows your heart rate and warns you if your heartbeat varies more than normal.


  • Equipped with both Irregular Heartbeat Detection (IHB) and shock detection to make sure all the right conditions are met during measurement
  • Easy fit upper arm adult cuff included in the kit - Size 9” - 17”
  • Upper arm BP cuff gives more accurate results than a wrist cuff
  • Connect your BPM-2244BT via Bluetooth with your smartphone (Check for compatibility)
  • App available in both Google Play Store and App Store
  • Measuring During Inflation for quicker and easier results compared to using a manual blood pressure machine

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What's In The Box?

  • Blood Pressure Monitor Double Pulse Detection With Bluetooth Connectivity - Large cuff


  • 30 Day Warranty



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