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Magellan MiVue 1080P DashCam with GPS & Impact Sensor

The Magellan MiVue 538 is a member of the award-winning and globally successful MiVue Series of dash cameras, designed to capture a precise video record of driving events - delivering confidence, security and fun ... Read More
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The Magellan MiVue 538 is a member of the award-winning and globally successful MiVue Series of dash cameras, designed to capture a precise video record of driving events - delivering confidence, security and fun to the driving experience. This forward-facing, hi-definition dash camera boasts a wealth of powerful features, data logs, and superior image quality to ensure you won’t miss a detail. From those iconic sights along your scenic travels to the unexpected moments and the inevitable traffic incidents, you’ll always be prepared. And, the MiVue 538 introduces GPS location and time stamps to capture critical information in an accident.

Record Traffic Incidents – Protect Yourself
Capture a detailed audio and video record of traffic accidents and on-road events. MiVue Series dashcams include a host of features to create documented proof of incidents in a variety of situations. Including, activities in front of the vehicle, interactions with drivers or passengers, and even parking lot incidents when nobody is in the vehicle. Make sure you have hi-quality video proof of what actually occurred.

Video Collection of Scenic Travel – Record Memorable Places
Keep a hi-definition video collection from your road trips and scenic vacations – all with your hands safely on the wheel. Record iconic sites, memorable locations and awe-inspiring scenery in crystal clear HD for future enjoyment.

Capture Unexpected Moments – Always Be Prepared
Always be ready, video rolling, to capture those unusual, interesting and unexpected events. From the outrageous to the humorous to the spectacular, events happen every day during drivers’ travels. Be prepared to record those unexpected moments, safely hands-free. Who knows, maybe you’ll capture the next meteor event or Bigfoot sighting.

G-Shock Impact Sensor – Lock Critical Video and Data
If a vehicle collision occurs, the built-in G-Shock Impact Sensor automatically locks the recorded video footage, location data, and date/time information prior to the incident, providing an accurate record of events. Videos may be played back on the device or on Mac and Windows based computers.

HD Video Recording – Superior Image Quality
Capture all the action and scenic beauty in crystal clear 1080p HD video. Video and audio are automatically recorded in an endless loop and saved in memory. The MiVue 538 also features an anti-glare lens which absorbs reflection and lets in more light, resulting in brighter and clearer video - even in low light conditions. All to ensure high quality video proof of traffic incidents and road trips captured as you remembered.

Recording Flexibility – Don’t Miss a Thing
For the ultimate in flexibility, the MiVue 538 is packed with features to ensure the action is recorded wherever it’s taking place. For example, the Rotating Camera makes it easy to record both video and audio of driver interactions or events in any direction. The Wide Angle Lens provides an enhanced peripheral view extending beyond both sides of the road. And, Parking Watch Mode will even capture video of impacts when the car is parked.



  • Conveniently view the time stamp and GPS location stamp on the video playback in MiVue Manager and browse recorded video and review for post-travel or accident analysis. PC and iOS compatible
  • The MiVue 538 features a crystal clear 2.4" display and a wide angle lens which provides an enhanced peripheral view to record the entire street to see the whole picture
  • Easily rotate the camera to record both video and audio events on the driver’s side or anywhere else the action is taking place
  • Records in 1080p hi-definition and automatically saves video of events when an impact is recorded. Remove from mount and place in camera mode to capture still images of vehicle damage for a complete record following traffic incidents
  • MiVue 538 will wake up and record on any impact it detects while the car is parked. Point the camera toward the most likely impact location to capture events

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What's in the Box?

  • Magellan MiVue 1080P DashCam with GPS & Impact Sensor


  • Sony CMOS Imaging Sensor
  • 1080p HD Resolution
  • 130° Horizontal View angle
  • Rotation capable
  • Parking Watch Mode
  • 2.5 x 2.5 x 1.4 -inches (H x W x D, approximate)
  • 3.2 oz.
  • Limited Quantity Available
  • 90 Day Manufacturer

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