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Magical Magnet Learning & Building Toy Set for Kids (7 Options)

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Product Description

Your kids can play with these magnets while developing logical and mathematical skills. They will boost creative thinking and will support learning of shapes and colors. Enhance you child's spacial logic and let them have fun while doing it. Choose between 7 different sets.

  • 20 Piece: $14.99
  • 36 Piece: $23.99
  • 56 Piece: $25.99
  • 69 Piece: $26.99
  • 77 Piece: $34.99
  • 86 Piece: $36.99
  • 88 Piece: $37.99


  • Open the door for your kids of limitless imagination and creativity.
  • Let their ideas run wild as they learn to use different shapes to build amazing shapes and forms
  • Fully compatible with MAGFORMERS
  • Perfect for involved parents to play with their toddlers and kids
  • Teach new skills and quiz new found knowledge
  • Set them up for success in a fun new way as they develop essential skills

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  • Magical Magnet Learning & Building Toy Set for Kids– 7 Options


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