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Massage Stick Muscle Roller

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Product Description

Apply as much pressure to those hard to reach muscles and knots as you need. These massage sticks are available in different strengths to fit your needs.  

  • Gray/Black - Entry level. Minimal pressure points. Good for just rolling out your sore muscles
  • Black – Intermediate – some pressure points. Good for just rolling out and digging a little deeper
  • Blue – Advanced – gets in deeper but hurts more.

If you have been suffering from sore and tight legs, maybe even some muscle knots in your calves or quads, then this massage tool can work for you. The Massage Stick or Muscle Roller Helps to prevent cramping by warming up muscles before and warming down after exercise to prevent injury and increase mobility and flexibility. Convenient size, awesome for travel - Perfect for sports bag and taking it with you so you can use it ...

It accelerates recovery if used prior to running or workouts. Whether you run a lot or have heavy LEG days at the gym, people just like you are enjoying great results


  • Great for warming up and cooling down to prevent injury after exercise
  • Releases trigger points and knots in your calves and thighs
  • Increases mobility and flexibility and really helps with muscle tightness in your legs
  • Highly effective for working lactic acid out of your legs after strenuous exercise
  • Perfect tool for any home therapy routine
  • Great for relief of shin and hamstring soreness
  • Eliminates lingering soreness and helps to increase blood circulation
  • Helps to stretch out healing muscles after surgery or injury
  • A must have after leg day at the gym for post workout soreness

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  • Massage Stick Muscle Roller


  • 30 Day Warranty

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