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Condition: Junk

The 87th Junk Box - Giving Thanks Edition!

$39.9950% off!

Product Description

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The Junk Box is back again for the 87th time, and we're showing our appreciation in more ways than one with the latest "Giving Thanks Edition"! 

We're saying "Thank You" by including an item that sells on Amazon for nearly the price of the entire Junk Box!  Adding up the 6 items of this box sold individually and you'd pay close to $80 on Amazon. In addition, we're going to give away DOZENS of prizes, including, a HoverboardQuadcopter DronesMemory Cards, LED Headlamps and more.  Finally, EVERY customer who buys this 87th Junk Box will receive an Exclusive Coupon Code that can be used during our 12 DEALS OF CHRISTMAS EVENT in December (your Coupon Code will be emailed to you on November 30th).


New to the Junk Box? Well, millions of pieces of junk have shipped out of our warehouses over the years. Sometimes, instead of the normal junk, or in addition to the normal junk, Junk Box junkies have found additional unannounced surprises inside!  Some customers have received boxes of jewelry, boxes of hats and mugs, and even a truck load of junk before!  Some of our members love the junk and some love the chance at winning a prize.  After all, Junk Box Time means Warehouse Cleanup Time. 

Don't forget that it’s a junk box. We don't want it, so we're selling it to you!  No Returns. Nothing broken, but guaranteed genuine junk! We're saving you a trip to the junkyard, so quit dumpster-diving and grab one of these.

Yours Until Gone!

 Junk Specs:

  • Warehouse left-overs
  • Odds AND ends (yes, both)
  • One-offs
  • Weird and/or unusual items
  • Spontaneous additions and insane what-evers
  • Yours to Keep! - Sold As Is. No Returns.

What's In The Box?

  • One Junk Box full of Junk 
  • We're saying "Thank You" by giving away tons of prizes!
  • Every Junk Box buyer will be emailed an Exclusive Coupon Code on November 30th to be used during our 12 Deals of Christmas Event in December
  • Chance to win one of DOZENS of prizes
  • No cats or live animals - but maybe something that kinda looks like one!
  • No food or food-like substances
  • None of the items smells like Durian fruit or Limburger cheese
  • Almost always something powered
  • Nothing with mold or mildew or requiring soap



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