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Wardrobe with Customizable Shelves, Shoe Storage & Removable Cover

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Product Description

Experience the ultimate in versatility with the OXGORD closet organizer! Looking for additional closet storage for your coats, gowns and dresses? Ever wished you had a closet that fits around your stuff and not the other way round? Well, now you do....!

13 customizable closet shelves allow you to configure it to your exact specifications, so that your clothes remain in prime condition. And we mean a lot of clothes! Measuring 69" x 51" x 17.5" this wardrobe closet gives you a staggering 15 cubic feet to neatly organize your threads. Throw in the 9 side pockets for shoe storage, and you have one of the most formidable closet organizers you'll come across.

This portable storage closet is quite the toughie. Its stainless steel frame provides unbelievable sturdiness, giving you the confidence to cram all those clothes in it. Not forgetting the breathable fabric that prevents mildew growth and keeps out the dust, leaving your clothes oh so fresh. Oxgord makes the perfect kids closet organizer, thanks to the two easy-to-access D-Style zipper doors. So there won't be an excuse to not keeping that room tidy.


  • Durable and sturdy steel frame that can take on significant weight without bending.
  • Portable and Customizable design that gives you unlimited flexibility.
  • Ample room of 15 cubic feet and breathable fabric for proper storage.
  • Simple assembly that doesn't require any tools, nails or screws.

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What's In the Box:

  • Portable Wardrobe w/ Customizable Shelves, Shoe Organizer and Removable Cover - your choice of color


  • Customizable and configurable: 13 dividers / shelves 
  • 144 pcs in total, including hanging rod, tubes, joints, and cover
  • 30 Day Warranty

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