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Wireless Bluetooth Beanie Hat with Built-In Headphones - 1 or 2 Pack

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Product Description

The Wireless Bluetooth Beanie is an amazing product that merges a Bluetooth headset and a chic knitted hat. You can answer the phone without ever touching your phone and can remain totally hands-free when receiving calls. The beanie streams high quality audio from your phone, letting you fully enjoy music on the road or anywhere you choose. The built-in rechargeable battery provides up to 5 hours of continuous use.

The knitted hat keeps you warm on cold winter days and is soft and stylish. Keep warm and enjoy your music in comfort and style in Black, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Blue or Pink! Hear the music and GRAB this deal! 


  • Functional cap with a built-in mic and headphones
  • Convenient way to stay warm and remain hands-free
  • Removable headphone and battery pack
  • Cap made of soft knit material

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