Be a Holiday Hero this Year!

By: Amber Hunt, Sep 27th 2021

Every year the holidays seem to come earlier and earlier, but with so many issues impacting retailers this year —online and in-store —you will want to get your holiday shopping done as soon as possible!

We've decided to share our holiday gifting options earlier than normal so you and your family don't miss out! Keep an eye out for awesome holiday deals for everyone on your list each Sunday — now through December.

We are extending our warranty and return window to January 15th, 2022 to give you peace of mind on all of your purchases!

We hope you’ll find a few great things for those you love and be someone's holiday hero! But don't wait too long... these deals are only Yours Until Gone!

Read on to learn more about the challenges we're all facing this year! 

#1. Manufacturing Shortages

Getting products made and then delivered to the US is a struggle. Even with inventory, shipping prices are through the roof and capacity to deliver is at an all time low! COVID is causing a decrease in demand for many manufacturers who cut back on production. Additionally, many factories are working with half the staff they normally have. Add to this natural disasters that have left some factories out of commission entirely. Getting products made is the first hurdle retailers are facing.

#2. Labor Shortages

COVID and new safety protocols are making it very difficult for manufacturers, shipping carriers, and retailers to staff accordingly. Not only that, a percentage of people have left their jobs, opting for work from home options. Labor shortages are affecting many companies who simply just cannot find people to work!

#3. Carrier Delays

Shipping carriers are backlogged and having immense challenges getting goods to retailers. And it isn't just the deliveries getting to your home — supply chain issues are backing up cargo ships waiting to offload goods in ports!

#4. Unpredictable Weather

Fires, hurricanes, floods — mother nature has not been easy on us this year. This year's tumultuous weather has shut down many factories; adding to manufacturing delays. And if the past is any indication of the future, chances are we will see heavy snowstorms here shortly — slowing production and deliveries down even more.

#5. Low Inventory

All of these moving parts have resulted in the most obvious issue of all — nothing to sell! And with inventory levels hitting new lows in several retailers who are backlogged — some waiting months for merchandise — you can imagine how fast it goes once it's back in stock! So take it from us, buy what you need now before you end up in a fist fight over it on Christmas Eve!

#6. Peace of Mind

Hey, let's face it... last year, COVID made the holidays tough for many of us. This season is starting out a bit hectic in terms of shopping, but that doesn't have to be the case for you! This year, beat the rush, get what you need ahead of time and then sit back, relax with your loved ones and enjoy your favorite holiday cocktail.

#7. Your Wallet

Along with all of the shipping delays, shortages, and an overall increase in demand, manufacturers, carriers, and everyone in between is raising their prices.

The sooner you can get ahead of the price hikes on in-demand products, the better it will be for your wallet!