Rewards Program Changes

We are moving to a new rewards program and need to temporarily disable the program to make the changes.


Q: What happens to my points?

Your points are saved and you will keep your current point level when the new program launches.  


Q: What happens to my status?

Your status is saved and you will keep your current status level when the new program launches.


Q: Why are you making this change?

The rewards program was provided by a third party which meant we had to use their system as is with limited configuration options.  While there were some nice features in the system, some people found it hard to use, and we weren't able to provide some options that we'd like.  Ultimately, we wanted to have more flexibility to manage and update the system our selves.


Q: When will the new program launch?

We expect to launch in March.


Q: Why was it necessary to disable the current program?

We wanted to make sure no data, points, or statuses were lost in the transition so we decided to create a "Pause" that would allow us to suspend the current program, capture current data, and then start with the new program.


 If you have other questions or concerns, please email