Helpful Tips For Traveling in 2021

By: Amber Hunt, May 21st 2021

With more things opening up and becoming available again, travel is on many of our minds. After all, I know I’m not the only one who at this point looks forward to going to the grocery store and walking the dogs (or cats) just to get out of the house. Whether it’s a weekend trip just to get away, a road trip across the country to see grandma, or traveling outside the country, we have a few tips for getting ready to travel in these strange times!

Take Advantage of Flexible Cancellation Policies

It seems that many companies involved in the travel industry are starting to make everything a little more flexible and easier to cancel. If you’re planning on traveling, make sure to read all the policies on cancellation or changing dates to make sure you can easily change it if something comes up. Even if you’re vaccinated, these kind of policies can help a lot when life gives you lemons!

Opt for Travel Insurance

It also is becoming more common for companies to be including pandemic-related options in travel insurance, so it’s a good idea to compare policies when making plans. It might be pricey depending on where you are going, but could be worth it if there isn’t a cancellation policy for your trip. Better safe than sorry!

Keep Your Mask

Even though vaccinations are becoming more readily available, a lot of areas may still have mask regulations and social distancing enforced, so it’s better to have one handy if you need it. Although at this point, I can’t be the only one who just has a bag of them at the ready in my purse anyway, right?

Be Ready for High Demand

Like I mentioned before, we are all going a little stir crazy right now. Working from home and not being able to socialize like we used to is starting to take its toll. So as more and more bans are lifted and travel is available, it may be difficult to book anything right away. Some places are already booked for the rest of this year as people who planned to travel last year simply postponed their plans for this year. So get on it early, and maybe you’ll finally get that dream vacation you’ve been waiting a year and a half for!

As always, stay safe and have fun!