History of UntilGone on our Anniversary

By: Amber Hunt, Sep 1st 2021

Some of you may be wondering what this Anniversary situation is all about. Yugster? What in the darn heck is that? Well, today we will go over some of the history and goals of this company, so that some of you who have been here since the beginning can get a refresher, and all of our new friends can get an idea of where we came from.


Our company began as a daily deals website called Yugster — Y(ours)U(ntil)G(one)STER— back in 2005 in Florida. The site was sold to a buyer in Texas in 2008, and to another buyer in Utah in 2011, where it lived until it was acquired by the new owners in May of 2018. Back in the Yugster days, the deals were limited, brands were limited, and only 9 deals per day were offered on the website.


In 2018, our new leaders Richard and Jennifer Bell took over Yugster, launching a complete rebrand that culminated in the launch of UntilGone on September 1st, while maintaining the goal of offering our loyal customers amazing and fun deals every single day.

We have grown and continue to grow — always looking to expand our product offering and bring only the best deals at the best prices to our awesome customers. With free shipping on orders over $25, our industry-leading customer service, and cashback rewards program, our customers-first mentality is what sets us apart from other ecommerce sites.

We are always welcoming feedback and continually finding ways to improve our service for those we appreciate most… you, our customers.

Whether you’ve been with us from the start or are new to UntilGone, we thank you for supporting us and will keep doing our best to offer you great deals every day — they are Yours, Until Gone!