It’s National Lighthouse Day : 10 Famous US Lighthouses

By: Amber Hunt, Aug 7th 2021

Growing up in Michigan, lighthouses were a natural part of my landscape. I loved looking at them and learning about them and have seen so many at the different big lakes over the years. National Lighthouse Day was created in 1988 to commemorate the day that the Ninth Act of First Congress established federal control of lighthouses. To celebrate this holiday, I have compiled a list of 10 famous lighthouses in the USA to put on your bucket list!

#1 - Portland Head Lighthouse, Maine - First lit in 1791

#2 - Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, North Carolina - First lit in 1803

#3 - Presque Isle Harbor Breakwater Light, Michigan - First lit in 1941

#4 - Pigeon Point Lighthouse, California - First lit in 1872

#5 - Toledo Harbor Lighthouse, Ohio - First lit in 1904

#6 - Heceta Head Lighthouse, Oregon - First lit in 1894

#7 - Thomas Point Shoal Light Station, Maryland - First lit in 1875

#8 - Split Rock Lighthouse, Minnesota - First lit in 1910

#9 - Eldred Rock Lighthouse, Alaska - First lit in 1905

#10 - New London Ledge Light, Connecticut - First lit in 1909

So now that things are opening up a bit more, get out there and explore some of these beauties!