Vote For Your Favorite Fat Bear!

By: Amber Hunt, Oct 2nd 2021

It’s that time of year - the animals are getting ready to hi-bear-nate which means that in Brooks River in Alaska, you get to choose the fattest bear of the year! Voting goes until the 5th of October, and there are match-ups every day, so you get to vote every day until the results are in. Keep any eye on your bracket and learn about the bears you’re voting for here!

Don’t know how to pick which bear you like best? There’s no right or wrong answer. You can choose whichever bear that day looks fattest to you, or you can get to know them and vote based on what they have going on in their lives, or if you’re like me, you can just choose the one you think is making the funniest face!

In Katmai National Park and Bristol Bay, Alaska, brown bears outweigh the number of people and have the healthiest run of salmon left on Earth. Fat bears are important because they exemplify the richness of these areas left in our world and show us the struggles that each bear goes through to gain the weight they need to make it through winter.

So head on over to the website, vote for your favorite bear every day until October 5th, and stay tuned for the winner. We can bearly wait!